New Neighborhood Plan - Empire, Michigan

 The Park

 The second idea for this neighborhood, after respecting the grid of the original plat of the Village, is a neighborhood park. This park has been placed evenly between M-22 (south), LaCore (west) and Front St. - M-72 (north) and can serve all residents and visitors to the Village. It will serve most those who live closest to it, look out on it, walk across it, gather together in it.

We intend to leave the natural contours of the land in place; therefore it will gradually slope down to the north west. The subsoil will be used for multiple septage fields (single systems that serve multiple houses), and therefore the surface should be kept primarily open and not used in ways that compact the soil.

Historic Context

Site Plan

A Bird'seye View

Neighborhood Street Elevation

Neighborhood Street

Neighborhood Alley


The Park

Pedestrian Routes