New Neighborhood Plan - Empire, Michigan

 Historic Context for Development in Empire

The Village of Empire has been a Natural Resources town since the beginning: lumber, food production, and the natural beauty of the region have supported livelihoods and lively characters. It is our hope that the next generation will see all three historic occupations - forestry, farming, and tourism co-exist. We hope that the Village of Empire will serve as the center for all of these activities.

The neighborhood that we have designed has taken shape following the intent of the Village as expressed in the Zoning Ordinance definition of planned Unit Developments (PUDs) and PUD-B specifically, which allows "...flexibility to build residences on lots similar to those in the older part of the Village..."

This new neighborhood builds on the past, using the pattern of existing streets and alleys to the west while leaving open the possibility of future connections to the east and north.

Walking is the principal mode of transportation within this new neighborhood, with its sidewalks, paths, parks, and proximity to downtown and waterfront. This is an attempt to be practical, not quaint. Walkable communities serve the very young and the very old while conserving resources for future uses and generations.

Our goal is to create a flexible, walkable neighborhood as an extension of the existing Village. We hope that forestry, farming, and tourism will continue to be the bedrock of empire.

Historic Context

Site Plan

A Bird'seye View

Neighborhood Street Elevation

Neighborhood Street

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The Park

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