The Church in the Neighborhood

We believe in design that serves communities. Good design lasts longer because it has a universal/recyclable quality. This quality applies to good urban planning as well. Investments made in good design will be a gift to coming generations.

Well-designed buildings serve multiple purposes. A church basement can be a daycare center during the week. A civic building can house a seniors social group in the evening. Buildings and spaces, which have shared uses, make the best use of the public infrastructure (roads, schools, water, and sewers).

The church on the left shares public space with private residences across the street. Civic institutions (churches, schools, clubs, and government offices) should be in urban spaces and make use of urban patterns. The wide sidewalk accommodates the church's high use of the walking system leaving room enough to stop and chat with friends. One car is shown (a fantasy)­ parked in the shared public space of the street.