Grand Buildings Porches and Pavilions

We believe in open spaces. By that we don't mean the Western Plains but rather porches and pavilions. These spaces connect people and their environment, the cool evening breeze, the neighbor passing by, the afternoon thunderstorm. The mature street trees are the ceiling, the sidewalks and street form the floor, the street lamps light the evening in this large, beautiful public space. Porches also create an interim space between the private and the public. Back yards can be an outside private space as well.

We have added porches in renovation projects to reinforce the community as well.

Large residential buildings line this street. Small hotels, Bed & Breakfasts, the homes of the wealthy, multiple unit housing can all exist in a neighborhood of large buildings on large lots. Again the pattern of sidewalks and street trees define the public space. The street ends with a small public building. This pavilion could be the entrance to a park, a lookout over a river, a bus stop, or all of these.